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Động cơ chống cháy nổ môi trường bụi – Atex DUST motors (Hà Lan)

ATEX Dust explosion-proof electric motors:• The ATEX Category (or Zone). For Zone 22 conductive or nonconductivedust must be specified.• Maximum permissible surface temperature.

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ATEX Dust explosion-proof electric motors:• The ATEX Category (or Zone). For Zone 22 conductive or non conductive dust must be specified.• Maximum permissible surface temperature.

Our 3D range of motors can be derived from our standard range (certain modifications must be performed)
Our 2D range of motors in flameproof enclosure are also available at short lead times (Ex d).

Two groups are referred to in the ATEX 2014/35/EU directive:I and II. Both groups are subdivided into categories.These categories indicate whether a device or protection system can be deployed in a possibly explosive atmosphere with gas, mist or fumes (G) or with dust (D).

ATEX 2014/35/EU
group I: = mining industry
group II: = other locations
– Category 1D Zone 20
– Category 2D Zone 21
– Category 3D Zone 22

For all Zones (Gas and Dust) please specify:• Whether the motor is to be frequency inverter controlled.• Any specific model/execution is required The ATEX directives do not apply to:• Sea vessels and mobile offshore installations or for the equipment intended to be installed on board of sea vessels or offshore installations. They all must comply with the IMO(International Maritime Organization) convention.• Means of transport not intended for explosive atmospheres.

Động cơ chống cháy nổ ABB M3JP/M3GP/M3KP/M3HP ĐỘNG CƠ CHỐNG CHÁY NỔ TOSHIBA: B3/48YLF2OSH; 0014XPEA41A; 0014XPEC41A; 0016XPEA41A; 0016XPEC41A; B0018YLF2ASH; B0018YLF2OSH; Y152XPEA41A; Y152XPEC41A; Y154XPEA41A; Y154XPEC41A; Y156XPEA41A; Y156XPEC41A; BY158YLF2ASH; BY158YLF2OSH; 0022XPEA41A; 0022XPEC41A; 0024XPEA41A; 0024XPEC41A; 0026XPEA41A; 0026XPEC41A; B0028YLF2ASH; B0028YLF2OSH; 0032XPEC41A; 0034XPEA41A; 0034XPEC41A; 0036XPEA41A; 0036XPEC41A; B0038YLF2AMH; B0038YLF2OMH; 0052XPEA41A; 0052XPEC41A; 0054XPEA41A; 0054XPEC41A; 0056XPEA41A; 0056XPEC41A; B0058YLF2USH; B0058YLF2OSH; Y752XPEA41A; Y752XPEC41A; Y754XPEA41A; Y754XPEC41A; Y756XPEA41A; Y756XPEC41A; BY758YLF2USH; BY758YLF2OMH; 0102XPEA41A; 0102XPEC41A; 0104XPEA41A; 0104XPEC41A; 0106XPEA41A; 0106XPEC41A; B0108YLF3AMH; B0108YLF3OMH; 0152XPEA41A; 0152XPEC41A; 0154XPEA41A; 0154XPEC41A; 0156XPEA41A; 0156XPEC41A; B0158YLF2USH; B0158YLF2OSH; 0202XPEA41A; 0202XPEC41A; 0204XPEA41A; 0204XPEC41A; 0206XPEA41A; 0206XPEC41A;  B0208YLF3AMH; B0208YLF3OMH; 0252XPEA41B; 0252XPEC41B; 0254XPEA41A; 0254XPEC41A; 0256XPEA41A; 0256XPEC41A; B0258YLF1AMH; B0258YLF1OMH; 0302XPEA41B; 0302XPEC41B; 0304XPEA41A; 0304XPEC41A; 0306XPEA41A; 0306XPEC41A; B0308YLF3AMH; B0308YLF3OMH; 0402XPEA41B; 0402XPEC41B; 0404XPEA41A; 0404XPEC41A; 0406XPEA41A; 0406XPEC41A; B0408YLF3AMH; B0408YLF3OMH; 0502XPEA41B; 0502XPEC41B; 0504XPEA41A; 0504XPEC41A; 0506XPEA41A; 0506XPEC41A; B0508YLF3ASH; B0508YLF3OSH; 0602XPEA41B; 0602XPEC41B; 0604XPEA41A; 0604XPEC41A; B0606YLF3OSH; B0608YLF3ASH; B0608YLF3OSH; 0752XPEA41B; 0752XPEC41B; 0754XPEA41A; 0754XPEC41A; B0756YLF3USH; B0756YLF3OSH; B0758YLF4ASH; B0758YLF4OSH; B1002YLG3USH; B1002YLG3OSH; B1004YLF3USH; B1004YLF3OSH; B1006YLF4USH; B1006YLF4OSH; B1008YLF4ASH; B1251YLG3USH; B1253YLG3OSH; B1253YLG3USH; B1251YLG3OSH; B1254YLF4USH; B1254YLF40SH; B1256YLF4USH; B1256YLF4OSH; 1258XPEB41A-R; 1258XPEC41A-R; B1501YLG3USH;  B1501YLG3OSH; B1503YLG3USH; B1503YLG3OSH; B1504YLF4USH; B1504YLF4OMH; 1508XPEB41A-R; B2001YLG3BSH; B2001YLG3OSH; B2003YLG3BSH; B2003YLG3OSH; B2004YLF4BSH; B2004YLF4OSH; 2006XPEB41A; 2006XPEC41A; 2006XPEB41A-R; 2006XPEC41A-R; 2008XPEB41A-R; 2503XPEB41B; 2506XPEC41A-R; 3003XPEB41B; 3003XPEC41B; 3006XPEB41A; 3006XPEC41A; 3006XPEB41A-R; 3006XPEC41A-R; 3004XPEB41A; 3004XPEC41A; 3004XPEB41A-R; 3004XPEC41A-R; 3503XPEB41B; 3503XPEC41B; 3504XPEB41A; 3504XPEC41A; 3504XPEB41A-R; 3504XPEC41A-R;

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