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Máy nén khí di động dùng phun cát Cummins 535Cfm 190Psi

Shanghai Rotorcomp là liên doanh sản xuất máy nén khí, với thành phần chính của máy mang thương hiệu ROTORCOMP nổi tiếng của Đức. Thương hiệu máy nén khí Shanghai Rotorcomp đem đến cho quý khách một sự lựa chọn chất lượng với mức chi phí rất cạnh tranh.

IBB Corporation JSC là đại diện phân phối, lắp đặt và bảo hành sản phẩm tại thị trường Việt Nam. Quý khách hãy liên hệ với chúng tôi để có thông tin chi tiết và báo giá cạnh tranh nhất.

Mô tả

Type: Screw Configuration: Mobile
Power: 180HP/1900rpm Engine: CUMMINS
Cooling Method: Air Cooled Capacity: 15m3/min(535cfm)
Working Pressure: 13bar/190psi Dimension: 3380×1650×2500mm
Weight: 1560Kg Ambient Temp.: 50°C
Lubricated Oil: Mineral Oil Noise: 79dB
High Light:

diesel engine driven air compressor


diesel powered portable air compressor

535Cfm 190Psi CUMMINS Industrial Diesel Engine mobile pressor for drilling rig,Hammer,sand blasting

The most efficient wheeled Diesel compressor, Deutz, Ctapillar, Cummins diesel engine, less10-15% diesel consumption than the traditional model. More flexible in various working conditions for mining, road construction. Sand blasting.

You want your compressor to meet your specific requirements.

Our business name is Portable Energy, so ease of maneuverability is something you can take for granted with our compressor range.

Advantages of Diesel Portable Screw Compressor:

1. two-stage screw block is patented;
2. Designed for a maximum pressure of 40 bar;
3. Two-stage compression; Deutz, Cummins, and Yuchai World well-known engines
4. SKF bearings, direct drive, no noise gears;

Application of Diesel Portable Screw Compressor:

Shanghai rotorcomp diesel Portable/Movable screw air compressor is widely used in mines, water conservancy, transportation, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy, industry and other industries.

The Features of CUMMINS portable diesel screw air compressor:

Our advantages:
1,A high-efficiency cooling system

ensures the compressor operates in the optimum operating mode. There are independent oil, water and air cooling systems. Equipped with a fan of a larger diameter, adapted for a cold and hot climate.

2,Triple filtration of air

The patented cyclone air pre-filter, which filters more than 90% of dust and impurities, increases the service life and the replacement of the air filter by 5 times. The cyclone air filter filters residual dust and protects the compressor, the filter cartridge allows safe maintenance of the air filter without stopping the compressor. This system provides continuous operation in desert conditions or large dustiness.

3,Low temperature starting system (option)

The water pump pumps the coolant from the engine into the heat exchanger. The fuel pump pumps fuel from the tank into the combustion chamber, which ignites. At the same time, heat transfer takes place continuously, which increases the temperature of the coolant and oil, as well as the temperature of the compressor itself. This ensures the start of the diesel engine in the frost or in the highlands.

4,Additional cooler (option)

Provides a compressed air temperature at the outlet of 15 degrees less than the ambient temperature.

Triple oil cooling system from compressed air

Reduces the oil content in the oil separator with unstable oil supply. Always saves the amount of oil in the exhaust compressed air no more than 3 ppm. Clean air is necessary for the safe operation of equipment in which compressed air is used.

Microprocessor control system

The simple and convenient interface of the microprocessor control system allows you to monitor the speed during operation, compressed air pressure, oil pressure, outlet air temperature, coolant temperature, fuel level and other parameters. Has the functions of self-diagnosis, alarm and stop. Simple management ensures safe operation without the participation of personnel. An additional option is a remote network monitoring system that allows monitoring the operation of compressors remotely.

Model Capacity
Working Pressure
Diesel Engine
LY15/13 15 1.3  CUMMINS 6BT5.9-C180 3380×1650×2500


Screw air compressor main spare parts configuration:

Item Parts Brand
1 Air end rotorcomp
2 Intake Valve rotorcomp
3 Solenoid Valve DANFOSS
4 Temperature


5 Pressure sensor Huba original (from


6 Engine Cummins
7 Coupling Germany KTR
8 Thermostat


10 Minimal

Pressure Valve

11 Air filter element rotorcomp
12 Oil filter element rotorcomp
13 Oil and gas



14 Bearing Sweden SKF (Life 60000


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