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Máy nén khí động cơ diesel Rotorcomp hai tầng nén dùng khoan đóng cọc

Shanghai Rotorcomp là liên doanh sản xuất máy nén khí, với thành phần chính của máy mang thương hiệu ROTORCOMP nổi tiếng của Đức. Thương hiệu máy nén khí Shanghai Rotorcomp đem đến cho quý khách một sự lựa chọn chất lượng với mức chi phí rất cạnh tranh.

IBB Corporation JSC là đại diện phân phối, lắp đặt và bảo hành sản phẩm tại thị trường Việt Nam. Quý khách hãy liên hệ với chúng tôi để có thông tin chi tiết và báo giá cạnh tranh nhất.

Mô tả

Type: Screw Configuration: Mobile
Power: 630HP/1200rpm Engine: CUMMINS
Cooling Method: Air Cooled Capacity: 33m3/min(1200cfm)
Working Pressure: 35bar/510psi Dimension: 4700×2100×2850mm
Weight: 6800Kg Ambient Temp.: 50°C
Lubricated Oil: Mineral Oil Noise: 85dB
High Light:

diesel engine driven air compressor


diesel powered portable air compressor

1200Cfm 510Psi Diesel Portable Screw Type compressor

Shanghai Rotorcomp’s fully implemented Quality Management and Environmental Management systems in the design and manufacturing of these units fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
The range has also been tested / given the certificate tested according to ISO 1217.

The most efficient wheeled Diesel compressor, Deutz, Ctapillar, Cummins diesel engine, less10-15% diesel consumption than the traditional model. More flexible in various working conditions for mining, road construction. Sand blasting.

Advantages of Diesel Portable Screw Compressor:

1. Two-stage screw block is patented;
2. Designed for a maximum pressure of 40 bar;
3. Two-stage compression; Deutz, Cummins, and Yuchai World well-known engines
4. SKF bearings, direct drive, no noise gears;

Application of Diesel Portable Screw Compressor:

Shanghai rotorcomp diesel Portable/Mobile screw air compressor is widely used in mines, water conservancy, transportation, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy, industry and other industries.

Diesel Portable Compressor Features:

Diesel portable screw air compressor is widely applied in the industries, such as, road, railway, mine, water conservancy, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy and war industry, etc.

Shanghai Rotorcomp diesel portable screw air compressor is efficient and reliable, with complete varieties. Discharge quantity covers 33m3/min and the discharge pressure is up to 3.5MPa at maximum.



The machine can meet the demands of overloading use and stands up to the most severe filed environment. Meanwhile, it also can reduce fuel consumption,which greatly cut down the operation cost.

Triple air filtration system and triple oil and gas separation system

Efficient cooling system for lubricating oil filter with precision of 10μ
Axial-flow type inlet valve fully closed chassis and mute cover design
The top is equipped with single-point lifting ring, which is convenient for loading and unloading heavy type portable chassis
Special compressor lubricants for microcomputer control system interface

Patent compression main engine

Design according to the highest pressure of 40bar

Rotor profile: EVO Generation II patent rotor profile, with high pressure and large discharge quantity and the highest efficiency

Two-stage compression: Flexible design corresponds to the lift valve, with global patent for invention

Heavy-type design, SKF bearing, direct connection for driving and with no gear noise

The optimal structure and the highest reliability

Double working operation switching design, for example: The user can select to operate it under 33 cubes and 25bar working condition, and also can select to operate it under 25 cubes and 35bar working condition, which are switched mutually conveniently and quickly.

 Heavy electronic injection diesel engine

Speed regulation system of fuel:Electronic control high pressure common rail.

Matched with Commins and Yuchai brand heavy electronic injection diesel engine. According to load situation, electronically and accurately control the fuel-injection quantity, and achieve optimal combustion state during whole operation range of the engine. The product has higher reliability, stronger power and the more superior fuel economy.

Model Capacity
Working Pressure
Diesel Engine
LY33/35 33 3.5  CUMMINS      KTA19-P700,515kw/700HP 4700×2100×2850

Screw air compressor main spare parts configuration:

Item Parts Brand
1 Air end rotorcomp
2 Intake Valve rotorcomp
3 Solenoid Valve DANFOSS
4 Temperature


5 Pressure sensor Huba original (from


6 Engine Yuchai
7 Coupling Germany KTR
8 Thermostat


10 Minimal

Pressure Valve

11 Air filter element rotorcomp
12 Oil filter element rotorcomp
13 Oil and gas



14 Bearing Sweden SKF (Life 60000



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