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Máy nén khí Oil-Free công suất lớn 3-8-10-13-40 bars – Lupamat YPS-Type

YPS-Type Oil free Reciprocating Air Compressors (3-8-10-13-40 bars)

Oil free, high pressure, high flow-rate, multi-staged, sliding slots, water cooling, and V-Type reciprocating air compressor.

As a result of long R&D studies, Lupamat developed a first in in Turkey. The oil free, high pressure, high flow rate, multi-staged, water cooling, reciprocating air compressor. The materials are in accordance with the CE-Regulations and Standards. In general, this type of compressors is used mostly in PET bottle productions. This design is designed and manufactured not only for PET bottle production, but also to meet the requirements of all of other sectors, where oil free and uninterrupted compressed air is used. These compressors can be custom designed to suit specific customer requirements and applications.

Oil free Reciprocating Air Compressors
Compressor Model Max. Working Pressure Capacity, FAD* Stage Motor Power
bar (g) m3/min kW hp
One Stage
LYPS 132 3 1705 1 132 180
LYPS 160 3 2240 1 160 220
LYPS 200 3 2740 1 200 270
Two Stages
LYPS 90 8 – 10 871 2 90 125
LYPS 110 8 – 13 1142 – 871 2 125 150
LYPS 132 10 – 13 1142 2 132 180
LYPS 160 8 – 10 1414 2 160 220
LYPS 185 13 1414 2 185 250
Three Stages
LYPS 110 40 587 3 110 150
LYPS 132 40 707 3 132 180
LYPS 160 40 871 3 160 220
LYPS 185 40 995 3 185 250
LYPS 200 40 1142 3 200 270

* FAD: Free Air Delivery
* FAD is measured according to ISO 1217,Rev.3,Annex C-1996
* Lupamat reserves the right to alter the given technical data without prior notice.

Product Specification:

  • V-Type, 3 staged
  • Body and stage cylinders are made of cast iron in EN GJL-250 quality, stress relieved and precisely machined.
  • Crank shaft is manufactured in a single piece cast in ductile iron of EN GJS 600-3 quality and stress relieved. Working surfaces of the ball-bearings and connecting rods, after having been machined, were grinded.
  • Connecting rods consist of two parts and made of a material cast in ductile iron of EN GJS 600-3 quality, which were machined, after having been stress relieved
  • Connecting rods working surfaces and the crank shaft were lined with a specifically alloyed material.
  • All of the stage cylinders are hydro-statically tested, before applying any assembling process.
  • Air pipes on the air inlet and outlet lines between the stages are tested and x-rayed after the completion of welding processes and subjected to hydro-static tests.
  • Linear movements of 1st and 2nd stage piston shafts are provided with sliding bearing type piston.
  • 1st and 2nd stage pistons and sliding bearing type piston were in specifically alloyed aluminum material and machined, after having been stress relieved.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage pistons were manufactured from PTFE material specially designed for Lupamat and are of long use lifespan.
  • Suction and delivery valves on all of the stages were specially designed and manufactured for Lupamat.
  • Both ends of crank shaft are supported with ball-bearings.
  • Although the compressor is producing oil free air, certain mechanical parts (gear case, Crank shaft and bearings) are automatically lubricated by the oil pump, driven by the crank shaft.
  • Oil scraper and pressure leak-tightness packages on the 1st and 2nd stages, prevent oil contamination to air from the piston shafts.
  • Compressed air outlet from the stage cylinders is passed first through the water cooled exchanger, and after having been cooled there, passed to the other stage.
  • After the assembly of compressor block was completed, compressors together with other components are installed on the chassis made of solid NPU profile.
  • Our compressor is driven by motor with V-belt and equipped with easy adjustable tensioning system.
  • Compressed air outlet from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage cylinders are controlled by temperature and pressure sensors.
  • Stage cylinders are cooled by the circulation of water delivered from the closed system water cooling tower.
  • 40 bars Air tank is manufactured in accordance with the CE regulations and standards and x-rayed, assessed and then subjected to hydro-static pressure test.
  • Closed circuit water cooling tower,
  • Circulation pump,
  • Air dryers and filters,
  • Compressor is equipped with Micro-processor specifically designed for Lupamat. Compressor’s operation mode, pressure and temperature values of the stage outlets, water temperature and flow rates, maintenance schedules, replacements schedules for parts, troubles and PTC failure etc. can be followed over the LCD screen.
  • Our compressors are manufactured in accordance with the CE-Regulations and Standards and certified with CE certificate.

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