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Máy sản xuất khí oxy kiểu PSA Twin tower oxygen generators

OXYPURE, a safe and continuous source of oxygen for your own site

NOVAIR introduces OXYPURE, an on-site production solution based on the PSA process, an advanced technology that has proved high efficiency for many years.

As a pioneer in the design and manufacture of oxygen generators on site, NOVAIR can meet the most demanding industrial specifications.
Forget heavy cylinders to handle or liquid oxygen to store in large quantity, involving high costs and large logistic constraints & supply chain failure risks : OXYPURE is the most efficient and economical solution to access an unlimited and on-site oxygen supply.
Oxypure is the most efficient and economical solution to have an unlimited supply of oxygen on site.


Features and Benefits :

  • Turnkey solution
  • Fully automatic operation
  • High purity of gas outlet stability
  • Very competitive production costs
  • Evolving concept with one or more interconnected production lines
  • Integrated controller system with high definition color touch screen
  • Ergonomic design for simple and economical maintenance
  • Durable performance thanks to reliable, tested and controlled components
  • Low consumption – high efficiency molecular sieve

Technical datas

  • Purity : from 90 to 99.5% (DS-PSA models)
  • Flow : from 2.6 to 90Nm3/h
  • Inlet pressure : from 7.5 to 10 bar


  • Fish farming
  • Glass Industry
  • Healthcare / Veterinary
  • Metal Industry
  • Water Treatment
  • Vinification

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