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Máy sản xuất oxy độ tinh khiết cao Novair DS-PSA Oxygen Generator

Oxypure DS-PSA, ultra high purity generator for on-site oxygen production

OXYPURE DS-PSA is a new generation oxygen generator applying an unique and patented technology. Based on a two-stage molecular separation process, the DS-PSA removes nitrogen, argon and traces of pollutants remaining after the first stage. This technology allows to obtain an ultra high purity oxygen (99%).

Thanks to its OCS® patented system, OXYPURE DS-PSA adjusts the outlet pressure when required flow increases, without affecting the concentration, which allows to obtain an oxygen production with an exceptional stability (+/-0.2%).


Features and Benefits

  • Ultra stable concentration ±0.2%
  • High definition 15’’ touch screen 5’’
  • Tempered glass & steel cabinet combining aesthetics and robustness
  • Lateral process control panel including innovative calibration system

Technical datas

  • Purity : from 96 to 99%
  • Flow : from 2.6 to 90Nm3/h
  • Inlet pressure : from 7.5 to 10 bar


  • Metal Industry :
    • Oxycutting
    • Laser cutting
    • Brazing, welding
  • All industrial applications needing high purity oxygen

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